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What's nearby

Let's start with the lake, just walk 100m and you're there. Ideal for the morning or evening round. Just go for a spin without having to get in the car.
Longer circular hikes also start directly in Les Giscons.


Palaces, castles, churches


Culturally, there was a lot going on here, after all, we are in the region of the Bourbons and before that the Romans were already there. Almost every village has a Romanesque church, many castles are in the region, including Montluçon, the next larger city. For cathedrals it is worth a trip to Clairmont-Ferrand (even otherwise) or Moulin. Both cities have large museums and are worth a trip anyway. 

Charroux is a medieval town worth seeing, Pont de Menat is an old medieval bridge, where by the way around the corner is the starting point for a great 4 hour hike.

Biollet Dhagpo Kundreul Ling


Dhagpo Kundreul Ling


A real specialty is the Buddhist monastery complex in Biollet. It is currently the largest in Europe and worth a visit. In addition to the large sacred building, there are gardens and other buildings. A very unique atmosphere.

And while you're there... a visit to Choco-Marcel is always worthwhile.

Markthalle Commentry

market day


Slightly larger towns have their own market days and market halls, such as the Commentry market hall shown on the photo. It is worth visiting such markets. Apart from the fact that France really has a special connection to food culture, it is also interesting to see what else can be bought on the market: from mattresses to leather and clothes to underwear, everything is available.

Auvergne has wonderful cheeses and also some wines that deserve to be tasted.



In terms of landscape, there is everything here: in the direction of Allier it becomes flatter, but there are the old canals along which you can walk beautifully. In the Combraille: half a jungle, nice and shady in summer, interspersed with willows and towards the south the volcanoes come with a completely different atmosphere. All hiking trails are excellently signposted and the times given are surprisingly accurate. Incidentally, you can canoe on the Sioulle, and on the former railway bridge with the handcar (electric). So it won't be boring.

Gelände Les Giscons

And otherwise?


Just stay with us... enjoy the large area of the farm, a good book, let your soul dangle to really recover during your vacation.

And for other excursions we still have a bunch of suggestions.

To set the mood, there is this wonderful short film on

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